Wind energy for   the future

EURO-Wind : Wind energy for the future     

The energy transition is not the Problem, but the solution 

Our commitment to climate protection and renewable Energy

Ecologically oriented action is an integral part and strategy for us at the same time. With our commitment, we promote the increase in energy efficiency and the expansion of renewable energies in many EU countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and also in Austria. Our goal, with the help of our renowned wind Energy planner, ist to expand wind and solar power - this is how we are driving the energy Transition. 

Die Energiewende ist nicht das Problem, sondern die Lösung 

Unser Engagement für Klimaschutz und Erneuerbare Energie

Ökologisch orientiertes Handeln ist für uns ein fester Bestandteil und Strategie zugleich. Mit unserem Engagement fördern wir die Steigerung der Energie-Effienz und den Ausbau Erneuerbarer Energien in vielen EU-Ländern wie Slowenien, Kroatien, Griechenland und auch Österreich. Unser Ziel ist mit Hilfe unseres renommierten Planers für Windenergie der Ausbau von Wind- und Solarenergie - so treiben wir die Energiewende voran. 



The use of wind energy not only protects our climate, it also has many positive effects on the economy: a key factor here is that e.g. With the expansion of wind energy use, some EU countries are taking an important step towards independent and cost-effective energy supply. This benefits not only companies, but also private households.

Energy is movement and moves. Progressively, fossil fuels are replaced by the new energy mix. We see a future that is environmentally friendly, climate-friendly and independent. Renewable energies guarantee us and the following generations a high level of quality of life. That's why we rely on natural resources. Wind, water and sun are the inexhaustible sources of energy of the earth.

These natural resources form the basis for our energy projects. We evaluate, design, build and operate power plants that convert wind, water and sunshine into clean usable energy. In doing so, we not only ensure the production. We ensure that this energy is available sustainably and reliably in the form of clean electricity and heat.